Qu'est-ce qu'un MAS ou système multi-agent ?

Qu'est-ce qu'un MAS ou système multi-agent ?

D'après le document Object-Oriented Simulator of Multi-Agent System for Temporally Rich Domains un MAS peut être défini ainsi :
MAS=(E, O, A, R, Op, LoU), (voir Ferber J. Multi-Agent Systems: An introduction to Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Adison-Wesley, 1999 )
where E is an environment, i.e. space which has a volume. In our experimental environment, E is a dynamical scene – a space with defined metrics. By knowing physical characteristics of objects (velocity, acceleration), and because of metric space, a temporal component can be assigned to each action. O is a set of objects situated in E. The objects are movable and/or stationary and they can be perceived by agents. A is an assembly of agents. Agents may be represented as specific objects (A⊆O) representing active entities with or without sensors. R is a set of temporal and some spatial relations among objects and agents. Op is a set of operations of agents, such as: perceiving, transforming and manipulation of objects. LoU is a set of, socalled, laws of the universe, which are common for the environment E.


Objectif :

 Console Multi-joueurs OpenSource : SMAGYUN

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